6.4.2 Transfer of Equipment to Another Location


This sub-section addresses situations involving transfers to other institutions with determinations and procedures related to equipment purchased with active or terminated awards and institutional funds.  These procedures apply to all capitalized and non-capitalized equipment. All equipment transfer requests for moving equipment to other institutions require the approval of the Dean or his/her designee and the Vice President of Finance or his/her designee.

Research equipment purchased in full or partially with University funds can occur only if a sale is consummated with the appropriate reimbursement to WSU.

Research equipment purchased from external sponsored funds is normally considered special purpose due to the uniqueness of the PI's research.  When PI's are transferring to another institution, it is sometimes customary that equipment purchased from their external sponsored awards follows to the recipient's new institution.  In addition to the approvals mentioned in the first paragraph of this section, the transfer of equipment may require Sponsoring Agency approval.  Due to the necessity of review and potentially contacting external parties, the request should be initiated 90 days prior to the transfer.

 The transfer process can be summarized into four actions.  These would be:
  1. Request - the departing PI makes a request for the equipment to be transferred;

  2. Approval - the appropriate Chair/Director/Chief approves the release of the equipment;

  3. Endorse - the appropriate Dean, Director endorses the release of the equipment:

  4. Approve and Authorize - Vice President of Finance approves the transfer and authorizes the transfer




PI or his/her designee

  1. Prepare an Asset Activity Transmittal Form listing all requested equipment to be transferred.  

    •  (Note: if the number of items is extensive, the list may be prepared separately and attached.  However, all necessary information must be provided.)
  2. Send request to transfer with Asset Activity Transmittal Form to Chair/Director/Chief requesting transfer of equipment to another institution.


  1. Assist the PI in providing information on the Asset Activity Transmittal Form.  All relevant data should be provided and verified.  

  2. Approve the transfer of the equipment.  As the custodial department, the Chair/Director is verifying that the department no longer requires the items and concurs that the items were purchased by or on behalf of the departing PI.

  3. Send to Dean and/or designee for approval.

Dean and/or designee

  1. Where appropriate, assess the need within the department or unit for possible utilization of equipment the PI proposes to transfer to his/her new institution.

  2. Assess and approve or deny the request and send back to PI and Department.

Vice President for  Finance and/or designee

  1. Review the inventory records to identify items to be transferred.

  2. Determine the title status of the items to be transferred; if necessary; coordinate with Sponsored Program Administration to resolve title/transfer conditions.

  3. If WSU funds were utilized in the purchase of the equipment, determine the value and disposition process.

  4. Authorize transfer and contact PI/Department with instructions to proceed.


  1. Arrange to ship "authorized" equipment to new institution after Cost Accounting confirms the acceptance of the payment conditions.

  2. Department designee (Administrative Manager or higher) will be in attendance at time of shipment to verify and certify that only authorized assets are transferred.

  3. Send Cost Accounting certified copy of equipment transfer list to confirm that the items have been shipped so that fixed asset records may be updated.

Cost Accounting

  1. The PMO will process the update to the fixed asset record(s) within 30 days of the shipment date.