2.2.1 Special Approvals (Revised 01/31/13)

Special authorization is required for the purchase of certain goods and services. The following approvals must be obtained before purchase orders are processed:


Required Approvals

Additional Comments/Banner Account Code:

Requirement Source/ Reference

Catered Food & Beverage Services

University Caterer (AVI)

All requests for on premise/campus catering service require a waiver for orders greater than $125.00.

Banner Account Code: 7227

AVP of Business Operations

Computer Network Hardware and Software

Computing & Information Technology (C&IT)

All requests for computer network goods and services must be approved to guarantee technical support of the network.

Banner Account Code: 7221

University Policy 02-2

Administrative Systems Computer Services including hardware and software

The Information Technology Steering Committee (ITSC) and C&IT

No unit of the University may expend funds from any source for the development of administrative systems without the approval of the ITSC. The Committee may delegate some responsibilities for hardware approval to C. &I.T.

Banner Account Code: 7226

University Policy 07-1

Employment Advertisements / Executive Level

Marketing and Communications

University employment advertising to the level of associate/assistant vice president/dean and higher must be submitted to the Marketing and Communications Editorial Services department for review prior to such advertisements being placed with external sources

APPM 3.0.18

Equipment-Grant & Contract of $5,000.00 & above (Title to WSU)

Sponsored Programs Administration (S.P.A.)

All Equipment purchased with federal funds or sponsor funds, $5,000.00 or more, requires approval of SPA.

Banner Account Code: 711

APPM 2.2.1

Sponsored Owned equipment $5,000.00 and above (Title to Sponsor)

Sponsored Programs Administration (S.P.A.)

Equipment purchased with grant or contract funds with title to SPONSOR.

Banner Account Code: 716

APPM 2.2.1


Risk Management

Approval is required to avoid duplication of coverage and authenticity of the insurer.

Banner Account Code: 721P1

APPM 2.2.1 and 10.2.5

Interior Design and Renovation Items (window treatments, carpeting, draperies, key, locks, paint) and Installations

Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M)

All interior renovation purchases must have the approval of FP&M Design Services.

Banner Account Code: 7653D

APPM 5.2

Laboratory Animals

Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (D.L.A.R.)

All animal purchases must be placed by DLAR. All animal purchases require a protocol number assigned by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Banner Account Code: 721Y5 (72167)

APPM 2.2.1

Design Services, Systems

Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M)

All orders for systems furnishings require the approval of FP&M Design Services.

Banner Account Code: 7653C

APPM 2.2.1

Mailing and Addressing Services

Business Operations

The University has contracts for First Class Presort, International Mailing, and Addressing Services. Any request for an exception for use of a different Vendor requires approval of Business Operations.

Banner Account Code: 7222

APPM 2.2.1 and 8.8

Facility Repair & Replacement, Supplies & Contracted Services

FP&M and/or Vice-President of Finance and Business Operations

This type of service requires the review and approval of Facilities Planning & Management.

Banner Account Code: 721L1

APPM 5.2.1 and 5.4

FP&M Service Unit FP&M and/or Vice-President of Finance and Facilities Management This type of service requires the review and approval of Facilities Planning & Management.
Banner Account Code: 721Y4

APPM 5.2.1 and 5.4

TV/Radio Air Time

Marketing and Communications

All TV/Radio advertisements require the approval of Marketing and Communications (See Identity Manual at mac.wayne.edu/print/identity.php)
Banner Account Code: 721N4

Identity Manual APPM 2.2.1

Radioactive Material

Environmental Health and Safety

The University operates under a blanket license for the use of radioactive materials. All purchases of this nature require the approval of Environmental Health and Safety.

Banner Account Code: 721H6

APPM 2.2.1

Security Systems / Devices

Public Safety

Security systems require the approval of Public Safety to ensure the specifications and requirements set forth by the University are met.

Banner Account Code: 7223

APPM 2.2.1 and 9.4

Signs (External Building Signs)

Marketing and Communications / Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M)

The design of signs requires the approval of Marketing and Communications. Hanging/mounting of signage must be approved by FP&M.

Banner Account Code: 7224

Identity Manual and APPM 5.2

Grant Subcontracts /Contracts with Sub Recipient

Sponsored Programs Administration (S.P.A.)

All Grant Subcontracts require the review and approval of S.P.A.

Banner Account Code: 721H11


Vehicle – Purchase / Lease

Vice President for Finance and Business Operations

Purchase or Lease of vehicles requires the approval of the Vice President for Finance Business Operations.

Banner Account Code: 7225

APPM 2.1

Vehicle Lease - State of Michigan

Vehicle Lease - State of Michigan

Lease of state-owned vehicles requires the approval of the Department of Parking & Transportation.

Banner Account Code: 7225

APPM 8.2

Office Equipment, Supplies and Other - Expenditures for office equipment, supplies and other items are strictly limited to those items which are essential for conducting official University business. Policy statements for this category are:

  1. Policy guidelines establish the standard quantity and quality of office equipment and of furniture and fixtures, which are to be provided for each office depending upon the position of the occupant. Design Services will select colors, models and sizes from alternatives, which do not exceed industry standards, to meet WSU needs.

  2. Decorative and other personal items for the office may not be purchased with University funds.