2.2 Initiating a Request (Revised 01/31/13)


The WayneBuy Requisition is used to initiate the purchase of goods or services from all outside vendors.  Requisitions are to be submitted to Procurement & Strategic Sourcing through the WayneBuy approval process.  Approval Queues are maintained in Banner.

WayneBuy Requisitions must include: name and contact information (including phone, fax and e-mail) for the Requisitioner, suggested Vendor (if available), shipping location and internal delivery, detailed commodity information, and accurate accounting information (FOAPAL).  A properly completed requisition authorizes PASS to issue a PO. WayneBuy accommodates multiple account/indexes on a single Requisition. 

Board of Governors statute stipulates that all purchases over $25,000 require a competitive bid (see Section 2.4).   PASS reserves the right to competitively bid any request where a competitive market is known to exist (i.e. printing, furniture, promotional items, business equipment, etc.).

Completed requisitions must be authorized by the requesting department, any special approvers, and any other approval levels designated in WayneBuy .  Approval queues are established by the Department/Division Head.  New approval queues, changes, and deletion requests must be submitted to the Fiscal Operations / Technical Support Services department for processing.  Approval queues serve as a control mechanism and a means to approve the expenditure and to ensure accurate encumbrances.

Upon complete Departmental authorization, the Requisition is automatically routed to PASS.  If a Requisition does not contain all the necessary information, it is returned to the Originator/Requisitioner by the PASS Coordinator.   PASS's online acceptance of the Requisition commits the funds.

Requisitions must include a total dollar value for each item (including freight charges).  Lack of sufficient funds does not prevent a WayneBuy Requisition from being authorized and submitted to PASS. 

To ensure the best price and quality of goods and services, adequate planning and lead time are essential.  Departments should communicate their requirements to PASS as early in the process as possible. This is especially important when special approvals are required prior to issuing a Purchase Order. Without sufficient lead-time, proper market research and vendor negotiations are jeopardized. Advance planning is especially critical before a fiscal or calendar year end or grant/contract termination dates.