2.6.1 Amendments to Purchase Orders (Revised 01/31/13)


Amendments or changes to Purchase Orders (POs) are approved only by authorized PASS Personnel.

If an existing Purchase Order must be amended for any reason, the Department must communicate the specific change by completing a WayneBuy Change Order  Requisition form (COR),  by following the integrated form instructions or online Job Aids.  Job Aids are found on the Procurement website under WayneBuy.  Upload any appropriate support documentation to the WayneBuy Requisition as either "internal" or "external" attachments. 

Please note:  A Purchase Order issued below $25,000 cannot be increased above $25,000 unless it has been competitively bid (See APPM 2.4), or the department submits a Bid Waiver Request Form (see APPM 2.4).

A Purchase Order may be amended for a variety of reasons.  See the PASS website at www.purchasing.wayne.edu under "About Us / Amendment Team" for detailed instructions. This page includes the following features:

  1. Steps to do an Amendment

  2. Standard Amendment Clauses 

Prior to the approval of the PO Amendment, PASS may consult with the department.

PASS reserves the right to independently issue amendments to POs when appropriate.





  1. Complete a WayneBuy Change Order Requisition form (COR), referencing the original PO.

    NOTE: A Not-to-Exceed amount may be indicated. For multiple accounts, stipulate the account distribution in the Amendment description box.

  2. Verify budget balance available in Banner.

    1. If balance is not available, the change is not permitted.

    2. If balance is available, complete the COR, which routes the transaction through the department's established approval queue.

  3. Upload any related support documentation to the COR in WayneBuy, for PASS and the Dean/Director's approvals. 


  1. Review and approve or reject the online COR in the WayneBuy system.

  2. COR will automatically route back to the requesting department based on the department's established approval queue.

Dean/Director or designee

  1. Review and approve or reject the online COR in the WayneBuy system.

  2. If the commodity requires special approval, the COR will automatically route to the appropriate department.  Otherwise, the COR will route back to the PASS approval queue.

Special Approval Department

  1. Review online COR for appropriateness.

  2. Approve or reject the online COR.

    1. Approved CORs will automatically route back to the PASS approval queue.

    2. If a COR is rejected, WayneBuy will send an eMail to the originator, indicating the COR has been rejected, with a brief explanation. 


  1. Review final request and, if appropriate, approve the COR in the WayneBuy system.  University Policy 04-6 indicates the appropriate level of PASS approval.

  2. FOR WAYNEBUY ORIGINATED PURCHASE ORDERS - Create and finalize a Purchase Order Revision against the affected WayneBuy PO.

  3. FOR WAYNEBUY and BANNER ORIGINATED PURCHASE ORDERS - Create a corresponding Banner Amendment to generate adjustments to the PO encumbrance.