2.3 The Purchase Order Process (Revised 01/31/13)


The University Purchase Order is a legally binding contract issued by PASS. The Purchase Order specifies the goods or services to be purchased, and states the cost and the terms and conditions of the transaction.

The online WayneBuy Requisition normally has a one-to-one relationship with the Purchase Order. Requisitioners can monitor the progress of both the Requisition and the Purchase Order in the WayneBuy System, using the Document Search functionality (see the Document Search tab). All Purchase Orders and Requisition documents can be viewed in WayneBuy under the “Revisions” and/or the “Attachments” tab.

When goods are received, an online WayneBuy Receiver is processed and the invoice is eligible for payment. Upon payment in full, the Purchase Order is closed. If the PO does not systemically close, the Department is responsible for processing an Amendment to close it (See APPM Section 2.6).

Please note: If Purchase Order activity is complete but the PO stated amount was not paid in full, the Department must complete an online WayneBuy Amendment Requisition to close the PO. See APPM 2.6.1 for complete Amendment instructions.