3.3.1 Additional Service Assignment (Policy revision in process)


For academic and non-academic exempt employees, an Additional Service Assignment is an appointment in addition to the individual's first or regular assignment. For all personnel, it constitutes an overload.

For non-academic, nonexempt employees, an Additional Service Assignment is overtime charged to an account other than the home account.


Academic Additional Service Assignments require prior approval from Provost before services are performed. The assignment cannot exceed 25% of the individual's regular salary for the same period of service in his/her Home Unit.

For exempt academic employees, salaried additional service assignments are not allowed within the employee's home college/school.

For non-academic employees, the rate of pay must be approved by Human Resources before services are performed based on job functions and responsibilities.

Administrative Officers of the University (Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, Chairpersons and their Associate and Assistant Officers) are not permitted to undertake Additional Service Assignments for extra compensation.




Employing Unit

  1. Prepare a Personnel Assignment (PASS), 10-787, and indicate the hourly rate, fractional time (FTE) the rate/term for academic exception assignment, or the one pay only amount.

  2. If academic, attach memo granting approval.

  3. Send to Dean/Director.


  1. Review and sign Personnel Assignment (PASS), 10-787, to indicate approval.

  2. Send to the Home Unit (Graduate Office for Graduate Assistants.)

Home Unit

  1. Review and sign PASS to indicate approval.

  2. Send academic to Provost and non-academic to Human Resources.


  1. Review and sign PASS to indicate approval.

  2. Send to Human Resources.

Human Resources

  1. Enter assignment into HRS.

  2. Send copy of PASS to Payroll.

  3. Distribute copies of PASS.

  4. Send Notice of Personnel Action (NPA), 10-786, to employee.