3.3.10 Renewal Of Appointment Academic


Renewal of Appointment

The continuation of an individual's employment agreement/condition to maintain uninterrupted university service.


An appointment that is not renewed prior to its expiration is automatically discontinued resulting in stoppage of pay.

A person appointed to the rank of instructor or lecturer prior to the completion of doctoral requirements may serve as a full-time faculty member for no more than two years without completing doctoral requirements.

A person appointed to the rank of instructor or lecturer may not have more than three years of full-time faculty employment without re-entering the candidate pool.

Written notice of non renewal of appointment is provided at least three months prior to expiration of initial term appointments which are less than two academic years. With the exception of the classification of lecturer, in subsequent renewals of less than two years, written notice of non renewal is provided at least six months prior to the expiration of an appointment. Lecturers receive at least three months notice of non renewal for all reappointments of less than two years. Where the term appointment is for two or more academic years, written notice is provided at least twelve months prior to the expiration of the appointment.

Such notices are personally served or sent by certified mail on or prior to the date of notice requirement stated above. Failure to provide notice, however, does not constitute a basis of claim for tenure.




Employing Unit

Academic contract appointments (except for those renewal applicants up for tenure):

  1. Prepare in batch, one year prior to effective date, all recommendations for renewal including:

    1. Letter of Offer.

    2. Signed and dated resume.

    3. Brief performance evaluation.

    4. Visa Contract Review.

  2. Send to the Dean/Director.

NOTE: For Part-time Faculty and Instructional Assistants, skip to step 2 for Employing Unit below.


  1. Review renewal recommendation.

    • NOTE: For general fund positions, verify existence of the position in next fiscal year.
  2. Approve and send to Provost.


  1. Review renewal recommendation.

  2. Verify position attributes and values.

  3. Sign Letter of Offer if approved, and return to Employing Unit.

Employing Unit

  1. Obtain employee's signature on Letter of Offer.

  2. Prepare Personnel Assignment (PASS), 10-787.

  3. Send PASS and Letter of Offer to Provost.


  1. Review for consistency, accuracy and compliance with policy.

  2. Notify Employing Unit if employee is nearing sixth year of service.

  3. Send Personnel Assignment (PASS),10-787, and Letter of Offer to Human Resources.

Human Resources

  1. Enter assignment into HRS.
  2. Send copies of PASS to Benefits Administration and Payroll.
  3. Distribute copies of PASS.
  4. Send Notice of Personnel Action (NPA), 10-786, to employee.