Promotion Non Academic


An employee may be promoted to another classification as the result of being the successful bidder on a position that has been posted pursuant to APPM section 3.1, Position Posting. Selection criteria and procedures are defined in individual collective bargaining agreements for represented employees. Non-represented employees are selected for promotion on the basis of qualifications and ability to perform the required job duties.


Non-Academic Promotion

A staff member's change from a position in one classification to a position in another classification having a higher pay grade, or the reclassification of a staff member's position from one class to another at a higher pay grade.




Home Unit

  1. Forward pre-printed Personnel Assignment (PASS), form 787, to Employing Unit.

Employing Unit

  1. Complete new assignment information on PASS.

  2. Sign and send PASS to Dean/Director if promotion is to new school/college/division. If promotion is within unit, sign PASS and forward to Human Resources.


  1. Review and sign PASS to indicate approval.

  2. Send PASS to Human Resources.

Human Resources

  1. Enter change into HRS.

  2. Send copies of PASS to Payroll and Benefits Administration.

  3. Distribute copies of PASS.

  4. Send Notice of Personnel Action (NPA), form 786, to Employing Unit for distribution to employee within ten (10) days.