3.3.2 Change In Assignment


A change in assignment is a move from one position to another. It can be to the same or a different classification within a college/division, a move to or release from a temporary or administrative assignment or a move to a lower classification. The change may be voluntary or involuntary and may be a change in department designation.




Departing Unit

  1. Initiate Personnel Assignment (PASS), 10-787.

  2. Sign and send to Dean/Director if assignment is within same unit.

  3. Send to Employing Unit, if different unit, to complete.

Employing Unit

  1. Complete and sign PASS

  2. Send to Dean/Director.

Dean/Director (Employing Unit)

  1. Review and sign PASS to indicate approval.

  2. Send non-academic to Human Resources and academic to Provost.

Provost / Human Resources

  1. Verify position attributes and amounts.

  2. If inconsistent or incorrect, return to Employing Unit.


  1. Sign PASS if consistent and correct.

  2. Send to Human Resources.

Human Resources

  1. Enter new assignment into HRS.

  2. Send copies of Personnel Assignment (PASS), 10-787, to Payroll and Benefits Administration.

  3. Distribute copies of PASS.

  4. Send Notice of Personnel Action (NPA), 10-786, to employee.