Tuition Reduction For Spouse Children


The university assists eligible dependents (spouse/children) of eligible employees in their pursuit of higher education by offering a tuition reduction program.

NOTE: The term 'eligible dependent' as used in this section refers to the eligible employee's spouse and children. The spouse or child does not have to be legally dependent on the employee to be eligible for tuition reduction. See definition(s) of 'eligible child' and 'eligible spouse' for eligibility requirements.

Eligible employees, on behalf of their eligible dependent, must submit a completed Reduced Tuition Benefit Application for Spouse/Children, form 779, to Benefits Administration no later than the fifth day of classes of the term for which the reduction is requested. After Benefits Administration verifies the authorizing signature, the application is forwarded to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA). OSFA determines the application of any scholarship, grant or fellowship to the student's tuition cost.

The current tuition reduction of 50% of the assessed tuition is applied after tuition restricted scholarship(s), grants and/or fellowships (including tuition paid by a third party) are deducted from the cost of tuition. For example,

Tuition $500.00
Scholarship - 200.00
50% Reduction x .50
Registration Fee + 50.00
Cost to Student $200.00

A separate application must be submitted for each term for which a reduction in tuition is requested.


Eligible Child

One who is less than 26 years of age as of the first day of classes in the term for which tuition reduction is requested.

Eligible Employee

One who is a full-time employee, a Graduate Teaching Assistant or Graduate Research Assistant employed at least half-time, or one whose position is represented by the AAUP and who is employed at least half-time as of the first day of classes for the term in which tuition reduction is requested for the employee's dependent.

Employees who are classified as Part-time Faculty, Technician, On-Air Host, Developmental Intern, or Student Assistant are not eligible.

Eligible Spouse

The person to whom the employee is legally wed as of the first day of classes in the term for which tuition reduction is requested.


Tuition reduction is available to eligible dependents (spouse/children) of eligible employees. Tuition reduction is not available for the Law School or the School of Medicine. Dependents receiving tuition are also entitled to a waiver of the nonresident portion of tuition.

Dependents do not lose the tuition reduction that has been granted for a term if the spouse/parent loses his/her eligibility status during that term, but no reduction is granted for future terms.

The full amount of any non-tuition charges assessed, including but not limited to registration, late tuition payment, lab and/or course material fees, is the responsibility of the student.

Except as required by union contracts, this policy is subject to change at any time and without notice.




Eligible Employee

  1. Complete Reduced Tuition Benefit Application for Spouse/Children, form 779.

  2. Forward form 779 to Dean/Director/Senior Officer for authorization.

Dean/Director/ Senior Officer

  1. Sign form 779 and return authorized application to Employee.

  2. Notify Benefits Administration employee's employment status changes during the term.


  1. Retain employee copy of form 779.

  2. Submit remaining pages of form 779 to Benefits Administration by the 5th day of classes in the term for which the reduction is requested.

Benefits Administration

  1. Verify authorizing signature.

  2. If verified, forward original copy of form 799 to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

  3. If not verified, return original copy of form 779 to Employee with explanation.

  4. Retain Benefits Administration copy.

  5. If dependent plans to register during final registration, provide copy of form 779.


  1. If registering during final registration, submit a completed copy of form 779 (signed by Benefits Administration with registration documents during the registration process.

Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA)

  1. Determine and process appropriate reduction of tuition receivable balance for the student including waiver of nonresident portion of the tuition.

  2. Notify student of amount of reduction and student's cost.

  3. Notify Benefits Administration of the amount of reduction granted to those ranked as Graduate or Post Bachelor.