6.3.1 Disposal/Sale of Surplus and Scrapped Equipment


Disposal of excess university-owned equipment (tagged and untagged) that is no longer required by a department is initiated centrally through and only by the PMO.   PMO screens equipment for re-use within the university or for disposal through recycling or sale.  Any university owned technical or scientific equipment can be transferred to another university department for that department's use (refer to section 6.4.1)   Sale of surplus equipment is further governed by the signature authority provisions outlined in University Policy 04-6.





  1. Contact SPA if equipment was purchased with grant or contract funds to determine if the university has any obligations to third party sponsors or if other disposition requirement exists for equipment purchased with federal funds.

  2. List items for disposal on Declaration of Surplus Equipment Form and send to PMO.  If equipment was sponsor or federally funded, include documentation to support that there are no award provisions restricting or affecting the sale or disposal.

  3. Where applicable remove all data and sensitive material prior to disposition.  This includes computer and copier drives which must be cleared of all files and information.

  4. Dispose of equipment as directed by PMO.

  5. Complete Service Request if removal of equipment requires Facilities Planning and Management (FP&M) or a commercial mover.  (See APPM 5.2)


  1. Upon notification of impending disposal from the department or PMO, provide departments with information   regarding any university obligations to third party Sponsors or any other applicable special disposition requirements included in the award documents.