Position Classification Appeal Non Academic


Classification Appeal

Request for further study of a non-academic position classification under the Hay classification and compensation system by a Classification Appeal Committee (composed of university employees who are knowledgeable in the Hay classification evaluation system and who are employed in units outside the Human Resources Division) to determine, on the basis of procedures followed and information developed, if a proper position classification has been established in accordance with the Hay classification and compensation system.


An appeal of a non-represented position classified in the Hay classification system may be initiated by a position incumbent and/or department head within fifteen (15) working days following the receipt of there commendation from the Classification and Compensation Department. Appeals for represented employees are handled pursuant to the terms and conditions of the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.




Position Incumbent and/or Department Head

  1. Complete Position Classification Appeal Request, form 744.

  2. Forward form 744 to Classification and Compensation Department.

Classification and Compensation Department

  1. Arrange, within thirty (30) working days of receipt of form 744, for the Classification Appeal Committee to meet.

Classification Appeal Committee

  1. 1. Review position classification record and conduct hearing.

  2. 2. Provide Assistant Vice President of Human Resources with written report of findings and recommendations within ten (10) working days following conclusion of hearing.

Asst. Vice President Human Resources

  1. Inform department head and/or incumbent of results of the appeal.

Department Head

  1. Initiate Personnel Assignment (PASS), form 787, and Position Action Request, form 1489, effecting staff promotion/demotion and salary adjustment as may be required.

  2. Forward PASS and form 1489 to Classification and Compensation Department.

Classification and Compensation Department

  1. Approve and process PASS and form 1489.

  2. Forward:

    1. PASS and form 1489 to the Budget Office if the job group changes;

    2. Copy of the PASS to the Budget Office if job group is unchanged so the position classification code can be changed.

Budget Offic

  1.  If job group changes on a general or auxiliary fund position:

    1. Establish new position in HRS.

    2. Contact the unit with the new position number.

    3. Forward PASS and form1489 to Employment Services for processing.

  2.  If the classification code changes, enter change in HRS.