8.10.1 Assigned Parking


The university is primarily a commuter's institution; therefore, parking is essential for the conduct of education and research. Assigned parking, in specific areas, is available to all employees, residents of University Housing and certain students (Handicapped, Medicine, Pharmacy and Allied Health, and Graduate Assistants). Assigned lots are available twenty-four hours except where posted otherwise. Parking is prohibited on student lots between the hours of 2:30 a.m. and 7:00 a.m.

Assigned Parking requires advance payment of fees by one of two (2) methods:

  1. Payroll Deduction: Application requires completion of Procedure for Assigned Parking/Parking Application/Parking Payroll Deduction Authorization, form 546A.

  2. Cash Basis: Requires submission of form 546A along with a personal check to the University for payment of parking fees. Applicants are also mandated to post a $10.00 refundable gate card deposit.

All Assigned Parking users are required to display the parking tag issued which identifies individual parking assignments, to avoid being ticketed and/or towed for illegal parking.

A fee is assessed for a lost gate card or parking tag (current fee is $10.00).

Secondary parking assignments are also available to those employees who are required to commute across campus while transacting university business. This requires a written request containing all pertinent information with the approval of the applicant's supervisor.

Parking rates are determined by the Board of Governors of the university.





  1. Complete and submit application to Parking Office.

  2. In case of payment via Payroll deduction, use Procedure for Assigned Parking/Parking Application/Parking Payroll Deduction Authorization, form 546A.

  3. Payment on cash basis requires use of form 546A,and submission of a check made payable to the University for applicable parking fees and gate card deposit.

Parking Office

  1. Process parking application.

  2. Assign available space closest to work station.

  3. Issue gate card and parking tag.

  4. Issue Secondary Parking Assignments upon request.

  5. Issue Temporary Parking Permit(s), form 3402, upon request.

  6. Form 3402 is designed for use as a means of vehicle identification on assigned parking lots.

  7. Form 3402 may be obtained for guests or visitors parked in an assigned lot. The charge is $.75 per day. This permit is used primarily by campus housing residents. Since overnight parking is not permitted in student/visitor lots, overnight guests of campus housing residents who have a car to park, must park either in an assigned lot or on non-university property. If they choose to park in the assigned lot, housing residents must purchase form 3402 from the Parking Office, the Housing Office, or the desk at DeRoy, Chatsworth or Forest Apartments. This permit must be displayed while the vehicle is in the assigned lot.