1.6.2 Receivables - Employee


The establishment of accounts receivables for employees is a practical necessity to maintain an appropriate business relationship.


Repayment of Salary Advance

A salary advance, when authorized, is deducted from the next pay check.

Accountability for Travel Advances

Travel advances represent an amount due from the employee until the advance is repaid or the Travel Expense Report, 10-106, has been appropriately processed by the Disbursements Office, or both. Failure to account for the advance may subject the employee to the collection procedures contained in the Travel Advance Policy (see APPM section 7, Travel Expense Policies and Procedures)

Petty Cash Custodian's Debt

Petty cash funds remain as a debt receivable from the Fund Custodian until the cash and/or the redeemed vouchers have been appropriately processed by the Disbursements Office (see APPM section 1.3.6, Petty Cash).