8.11.1 Requesting Duplicating Services


Duplicating Centers services are provided upon requests from a department. These services are billed to the department as part of the internal billing process (See APPM section 1.4, Internal Billing). Prior to printing at a duplicating center, forms are to be reviewed and approved by the Forms/Documentation Control Administrator in the University Information Systems (U.I.S) (refer to APPM section 8.1.4, Procurement of Unrevised Forms).





  1. Prepare Internal Requisition and Inter-Account Department Bill, form 108A (see APPM section 1.4, Internal Billing).

  2. Fill out Duplicating Center Work Order, form 170.

  3. Forward completed form 170 for forms to U.I.S, Forms/Documentation and for other printed material to Duplicating Center.

Forms and Documentation Control Administration

  1. Review request for approval.

  2. Return unapproved form170 for forms to Requesting Department.

  3. Submit approved form 170 for forms to appropriate Duplicating Center.

Duplicating Center

  1. Complete order as stated.

  2. Deliver job to requested delivery point.

  3. Process original form 170 for payment.