09-2 Tuberculosis Testing (Second Release)

1.0  Purpose

1.1     It is the policy and practice of Wayne State University to protect the public health on the campus and to respect the privacy rights and medical needs of individuals with infectious diseases.  This dual concern applies to individuals at risk for or infected with tuberculosis.

1.2     After reviewing the recommendations of the Michigan Advisory Committee on the Elimination of Tuberculosis, the Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Programs, and the Centers for Disease Control Advisory Council on the Elimination of Tuberculosis, it is recommended that any individual entering the United States with a non-resident visa status receive tuberculosis testing upon arrival at their Michigan location as a condition of participation in the sponsored program.

1.3     This University Policy outlines the procedures for implementation of this policy at Wayne State University.

2.0  Definitions

2.1     Tuberculosis:  (sometimes referred to as active tuberculosis or TB): A contagious disease that is caused by the TB bacteria. A person with pulmonary tuberculosis usually has symptoms, an abnormal chest x-ray, and can spread the disease to others.

2.2     Latent TB infection (LTBI): A skin test or specific blood test is positive, but the person has no symptoms or chest x-ray evidence of TB, and cannot spread the disease to others. Without treatment, TB bacteria can stay dormant or inactive in the body. Until the person is treated, he or she has a life-long risk of reactivating the TB bacteria and developing tuberculosis.

2.3     TB Exposure: Contact with an active case of tuberculosis

3.0  Policy and Procedure

3.1     Wayne State University shall implement mandatory tuberculosis (TB) testing for all international students.

3.2     The Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Programs (DDHWP) and the Campus Health Center will collaborate and coordinate the evaluation and/or management of any cases of latent TB infection or active tuberculosis.

3.3     A positive TB test does not prevent a student from registering for classes. There will be no restrictions on students diagnosed as having latent TB infection. Students with active tuberculosis will adhere to the treatment regimen and restrictions prescribed by the DDHWP and will resume classes once free of contagious disease. Students with latent TB infection are encouraged, but not required, to complete the recommended prophylaxis medication.

3.4     Compliance with this policy will be enforced with a hold on the student's second term registration for new international students. TB holds will be applied 30 days after the start of the initial term for all new international students unless there are medical circumstances that warrant that an earlier date is required. Holds on registration will be released after completing mandatory TB testing and any required evaluation, in cooperation with the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS).

3.5     The WSU Office of International Students and Scholars will be responsible for managing this program, with the assistance of the Campus Health Center, and the WSU Office of Housing and Residential Life for students residing in residential housing. Upon arrival at Wayne State University, international students reporting to OISS will receive dates, times and locations for TB testing, to be coordinated and provided by the Campus Health Center.

3.6     Attendance at testing is mandatory.  Students will be responsible for the cost of testing.

3.7     The Campus Health Center will provide OISS with a list of students completing testing requirements in a timely fashion, but will not release information related to TB status of any student.

3.8     International students are encouraged to bring copies of their immunization records, previous TB test results, and TB treatment record, if any, with them to facilitate appropriate testing and recommendations.

4.0  Duration and Effective Date

4.1     This University Policy is revocable by the President at any time and without notice.&

4.2     This university policy is effective upon issuance.


Signed by President M. Roy Wilson  August 22, 2018