18-2 Prevailing Wage Rate Requirements (Second Release)

  1. Purpose
    1. Wayne State University requires all project contractors, including subcontractors, who provide labor on University projects to compensate at a rate no less than Davis Bacon Wage Determinations (WSU Wage Rates). This includes, but is not limited to new construction, building renovation, and installation of furniture or equipment where a construction trade is used (i.e. installation of audiovisual equipment or furniture requiring electrical or carpentry work).
    2. The rates of wages and fringe benefits to be paid to each class of laborers and mechanics by each VENDOR and subcontractor(s) (if any) shall be not less than the wage and fringe benefit rates prevailing in Wayne County, Michigan, as determined by the United States Secretary of Labor.
    3. Rates are available online at https://beta.sam.gov/.
  2. Delegation Of Authority
    1. The Associate Vice President of Procurement is responsible for making available to all potential contractors and subcontractors a copy of the current schedules for all affected trades.
    2. The Associate Vice President of Facilities & Planning & Management and the Associate Vice President of Procurement have the authority to enforce this policy with contractors, whether such contractors are providing services directly to the University as prime contractors or when acting as subcontractors.
  3. Duration
    1. This delegation is revocable by the president at any time and without notice.
  4. Effective Date
    1. This university policy is effective upon issuance.
    2. This University Policy supersedes University Policy 2018-2, First Release.

Signed by President M. Roy Wilson, June 11, 2020