05-1 Class and Room Scheduling

1.0  Purpose

1.1     It is the purpose of this Executive Order to establish policy and procedures for the orderly scheduling of classes and rooms in a manner which results in increased utilization and which will facilitate the assignment/reassignment of classrooms caused by variances in actual enrollments versus estimated enrollment figures.

2.0  Definition

2.1     For the purpose of this Executive Order, classrooms are defined as rooms used for general instruction such as general purpose classrooms, seminar rooms, and lecture halls.

2.2     Classrooms assigned to the Schools of Law and Medicine, the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and off-campus centers are not covered by this University Policy.

2.3     Not covered by this University Policy are laboratories, studios, classrooms converted to computer workstations and other specially designed rooms.  These rooms will remain assigned to the respective schools and colleges.

3.0  General Rules

3.1     Classrooms as defined under 2.1 which are currently assigned to schools/colleges/units will remain available to these units for the initial preparation of class schedules.  Once the initial class schedule has been prepared, the authority over the classrooms, as defined under 2.1, reverts to the Registrar.  Once the Registrar assumes authority over classroom assignments, schools/colleges/units must submit requests for schedule adjustments to the Registrar who will make the necessary adjustments.

3.2     Initial class schedules must be prepared by the schools/colleges/units in accordance with class scheduling policy as described in the attached Class Schedule Matrix.

3.3     When classrooms become available after the initial schedules have been prepared by schools/colleges/units, the authority for rescheduling the use of these classrooms rests with the Registrar.

3.4     The Registrar has the authority to review initial class schedules for compliance with the class scheduling policy referred to in 3.2 above and he/she shall have the authority to require rescheduling of classes to conform with the Class Schedule Matrix.

4.0  Duration

4.1      This University Policy is revocable by the President at any time and without notice.

5.0  Effective Date

5.1      This University Policy is effective upon issuance.

5.2      Executive Order 90-2 is hereby revoked, effective immediately.


Signed by President Irvin D. Reid June 13, 2005