06-1 University Awards

1.0  Purpose

1.1     The University Awards Statute specifies the forms of University recognition that may be granted upon the approval of the Board.  The statute also establishes the responsibilities of the President with respect to other awards.  It states:

The Board of Governors authorizes the President to approve other forms of University recognition that may be conferred by the University administration, schools, colleges, departments, divisions, and organizations that are affiliated with the University. Approval will be required only for forms of recognition that are both created and awarded by the University and affiliated organizations that bear the name of Wayne State University.

The President may approve categories of awards, and may authorize persons and organizations to select and designate award winners. He/she shall define the recognition, the criteria, the selection process, and the format for such awards. The President shall establish a centralized record-keeping procedure for awards given pursuant to this statute.

The purpose of this University Policy is to identify all existing University awards, to define the process for establishing new awards, and to establish a procedure for centralized recording of the pertinent details of University awards including an ongoing list of recipients.

2.0  Definition

2.1     An award recognizes outstanding achievement or service to the University, to professions or disciplines, to organizations or societies, or to society in general.  Awards may be given by units of the University, University-related organizations, or by organizations outside of the University for specific accomplishments by university students, faculty and staff, or to individuals who have distinguished themselves in their professions or in their services to humanity.  Awards may be in a variety of forms including, citations and certificates, books, plaques, medallions, keys, and monetary gifts.

2.2     Awards defined in this university policy do not include:

a.   Certificates, plaques or gifts in recognition of retirement or to recognize attendance at or completion of a class, a seminar, or a special program;

b.   Monetary gifts for student fellowships and scholarships to allow pursuit of academic degree programs, to support research projects, to recognize general student academic achievement, or to recognized place of origin, ethnic background, or other similar criteria.

c.    Forms of recognition by the development program: e.g., University Relations donor club awards and alumni club awards; such recognition will be the subject of a subsequent executive order.

3.0  Established Awards

3.1     The attached list represents all current University awards that have been approved by the deans, directors, and the central administration. Award details (statement of purpose, criteria, selection, etc.) have been placed on file with the Director of University Archives.

3.2     Awards that are not included in the attached list shall not be given unless they are approved as provided in Section 5.0.

4.0  General Guidelines for Establishing New Awards

4.1     The creation of new awards should be kept to a minimum.

4.2     Proposals for new awards should include a budget commitment for the continuation of the award in future years and other pertinent details, including the name of the awards program, form of communication or publicity, and potential costs.  

4.3     Although an award may be named in recognition of the contribution(s) of the donor, the emphasis of an award should be to honor the recipient and to advance the University's purposes.

4.4     Awards shall not create a conflict of interest as to law or ethics with respect to the University, the donor or the recipient.

4.5     Every effort is to be made to limit new awards to those that honor achievement, and criteria should minimize such characteristics as sex, religion, race or ethnic background that are not specifically related to achievements.

5.0  Delegation of Authority for Creation of New Awards

5.1     Proposals for the creation of new awards must be approved first by the appropriate dean, director, or vice president. Such proposals shall be submitted on the attached form.

5.2     The creation of new awards for students, faculty, and academic staff require the approval of the Secretary of the University upon the recommendation of the Provost.

5.3     The creation of new alumni awards shall require the approval of the Secretary of the University upon the recommendation of the Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs.

5.4     The creation of other new awards that may be granted by the central administration of the University shall require the approval of the Secretary of the University.

5.5     Proposals for the creation of new awards that do not appear to fit into the above categories should be directed to the Office of the Secretary of the University for review.

5.6     Changes to the terms or conditions of existing awards require the approval of the Secretary.

5.7     The Secretary shall report to the President the creation of new awards and changes to the terms and conditions of existing awards.

6.0  Depository

6.1     The University Archives is hereby designated as the central depository for information on all University awards, working in conjunction with the Office of the Secretary of the University. The Director of the Archives is instructed to devise a system for the collection and codification of awards and the names of recipients in such a manner that such information will be accessible to units of the University.

6.2     When new awards are established, the Office of the Secretary shall notify the Director of the Archives informing him/her of the new awards and shall submit the information requested on the attached form.  The form is available electronically at www.bog.wayne.edu.

6.3     The names of recipients of University awards shall be sent to the Director of the Archives as soon as such names are available.

6.4     Annually, the Secretary of the University shall request from all vice presidents, deans, and equivalent officers on whether any new awards have been issued during the year, as well as a list of the recipients of  awards issued during that time framer. This annual survey shall not diminish the duty of University officers to comply promptly with the provisions of section 5.0 or section 6.3 of this University Policy.

6.5     The Director of the Archives is authorized to request information about awards in addition to that which is already on file.

7.0  Duration

7.1     This University Policy is revocable at any time at the discretion of the President and without notice.

8.0  Effective Date

8.1      This University Policy is effective upon issuance.

8.2      Executive Order 85-7 is hereby revoked, effective immediately.


Signed by President Irvin D. Reid November 1, 2006.