99-2 Delegation Of Executive Authority In The Absence Of The President

University Policy 1999-2

Fourth Release

Memorandum of Delegation




1.0  Purpose

1.1     The Board of Governors have provided, in section 2.2 of the bylaws, that:

The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the University...  The administration of the University is vested in the President ... the President shall designate such other Executive Officers of the University as the President deems necessary and shall designate their duties and responsibilities.

1.2      It is the purpose of this University Policy to provide for continuity in the performance of the duties of the chief executive officer and in the conduct of the administration of the University during the absence of the president.

2.0  Delegation of Authority

2.1     When the president intends to be absent, he/she shall designate an executive officer to exercise full authority as chief executive officer and for the administration of the University.

2.2     When the president is absent from campus and has not designated an executive officer to act as provided in section 2.1, full authority as chief executive officer and for the administration of the University shall be delegated to the following  executive officers:

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Chief of Staff
Vice President for Finance and Business Operations
Vice President and General Counsel

3.0  Duration and Supersession

3.1     This University Policy is revocable at any time at the discretion of the President and without notice.

3.2     This University Policy supersedes University Policy 1999-2, Third Release,  and all other delegations to exercise executive authority.

4.0  Effective Date

4.1     This University Policy takes effect on August 1, 2013.


Signed by President Allan Gilmour August 1, 2013.