3.1.1 Academic Positions Faculty And Academic Staff




Employing Unit

  1. Prepare a Position Action Request, form 1489.

  2. If appropriate, indicate incumbent being replaced and his/her expected last day of work.

  3. Retain a copy and send form1489 to Dean/Director.


  1. Verify availability of funds and sign form 1489.

  2. Retain copy and send approved form 1489 to the Provost.


  1. Review form 1489, verify budget for position supported by General Funds (Account Number 1-XXXXX) and Auxiliary Funds (Account Number 2-27XXX), review classification, minimum salary, contract compliance, and sign form 1489 to indicate approval.

  2. Send form 1489 for positions supported all or in part by other funds (Accounts Numbers 2-XXXXX, 3-XXXXX or 4-XXXXX) to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSPS).


  1. Review form 1489 for funding support, initial and date form to indicate approval.

  2. Return form 1489 to Provost.


  1. Notify department if budget is inadequate.

  2. Send form1489 to Human Resources if position is approved.

Human Resources

  1. Prepare and circulate posting.