6.1 Acquisition of Equipment


Federal regulations require that pre-acquisition screening occur prior to asset acquisition when federal or federal flow-through funds are used to acquire certain capital equipment.  Pre-acquisition screening is intended to determine that similar equipment is not already available for use on campus.  The objective of screening is to assure that the use of government funds is maximized.   This procedure applies to equipment being acquired in whole or in part with federal funds.

Pre-Acquisition Screening Criteria

Pre-acquisition screening is the responsibility of the individual, PI, their designee and/or the department acquiring the equipment.  Equipment acquisitions having an expected cost of $25,000 to $99,999.99 are required to be screened only against the specific acquiring department's equipment inventory records.  Equipment acquisitions having an expected cost of $100,000 or more must be pre-screened against University-wide inventory records.  Screening must occur prior to initiating asset purchases (completing on-line requisitions).  The Equipment Availability Screening Verification form must be attached to the online requisition request for purchases subject to pre-acquisition screening.

Upon request, the PMO will provide acquiring individuals/units with an equipment inventory report to be used in conjunction with the pre-acquisition screening process.




PI and/or Department processor

  1. Determine asset type (refer to Appendix 1) for purposes of requesting a pre-screening listing from PMO prior to purchase.

  2. Request that PMO provide either a departmental or University-wide equipment inventory report for the applicable equipment type(s).

  3. Review equipment inventory report to determine if suitable existing equipment may be available.

  4. After reviewing the equipment inventory report:

    1. If suitable existing equipment is located, contact department owning the equipment to determine if equipment is available for use, suitable for the project requirements, and accessible based on expected current projects needs.

    2. If existing equipment is available, make arrangements for transfer or shared use of the equipment with the department owning the equipment.  For equipment transferred to a different location, complete Asset Activity Transmittal Form and submit to PMO.

    1. If suitable, similar equipment is not available, complete an Equipment Availability Screening Verification form1 including the PI signature.  Scan form and attach form to the online purchase requisition.


  1. Provide asset type listing for pre-acquisition screening for federally purchased equipment upon request from PI and/or designee.

1Completion of this form validates and documents that asset acquisition pre-screening has occurred.