01-2 Subdelegation of Authority for Academic Appointments and Reappointments

1.0  Purpose

1.1         The President has delegated to the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs the authority to approve appointments of persons in positions that are covered by the WSU/AAUP-AFT Agreement, and in positions in other academic classifications in the Division of Academic Affairs, as provided in University Policy 1999-4, section 3.1.

1.2         University Policy 99-4, section 3.2, further authorizes the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs to subdelegate the approval of appointments.

1.3         The purpose of this University policy is to authorize the Provost to subdelegate to the deans, the Associate Vice President  Academic Personnel the authority to approve appointments and reappointments for certain positions within their respective divisions or areas, subject to such limitations as are provided in this University Policy and by University Statutes

2.0  Applicability

2.1         This University Policy applies only to those appointments and reappointments that require formal letters of offer. It is not intended to apply to the appointment of part-time faculty.  Appointment procedures for part-time faculty are described in other policy documents.

3.0  Classifications and Actions Subject to Subdelegation

3.1         The deans and vice presidents are authorized to approve appointments of full- and fractional-time nontenure-track faculty and academic staff, with the exception of nontenure-track full professors (see subsection 3.4). Refer to the list of subdelegated classifications in Appendix A.

3.2         The deans and vice presidents are authorized to approve reappointments of full- and fractional-time nontenure-track faculty (including nontenure-track full professors) , part-time faculty on term contracts and academic staff.

3.3         The Provost will retain the authority to approve all appointments and reappointments of academic staff and faculty on the tenure track including instructors as well as appointments and reappointments to managerial positions in which the incumbent serves “at the pleasure of the President or his/her designee.”

3.4         The Provost will retain authority to approve all appointments of full professors, with the exception of visiting full professors and voluntary full professors (appointment of which is subdelegated to the deans and vice presidents).

3.5         The Provost will also  retain authority to approve requests to post for all position vacancies (Form 1489).

4.0  Limitations

4.1         Compliance with University Policies Orders and Statutes

Subdelegated appointment/reappointment approvals must comply with all existing University Policies, and Statutes, including specifically University Policy 99-5 (Position Posting), 01-1 (Recommendation for Term Appointment and Reappointment of Faculty and Academic Staff). All questions regarding compliance with and interpretations of University Policies should be addressed to the Office of the Provost prior to approval of personnel actions.

4.2         Compliance with Budget Policy

Subdelegated appointment/reappointment approvals must comply with University budget management policy. No appointments or reappointments are to be authorized in cases where salary offers exceed stated line values (as reflected in the position control system). Appointments or reappointments with salary levels that exceed the stated line value must have prior approval from the Office of the Provost, and from the Budget Office in any case which requires an exception to the budget management rules. Further, subsidy-conditioned appointments and reappointments will continue to require prior budgetary approval from Sponsored Program Administration.

4.3         Equal Opportunity Clearance

Subdelegated appointments also must be monitored by the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity, in accordance with current policy and procedure.

4.4         Standard Letters of Offer

Letters of offer for subdelegated appointment/reappointment must use standard University-wide format and language, as provided in standard printed or computer-based letters to be developed, maintained, and distributed by the Office of the Provost. Any exception to standard language requires prior approval from the Office of the Provost.

5.0  Audit Procedures

5.1         Subdelegated personnel paperwork will be monitored through an auditing procedure.  In conjunction with the Office of the Provost, the Employment Services Center  will conduct auditing.  During the audit procedure, letters and pre-employment packets will be examined to confirm compliance with University Statutes, University Policies, budget policy, and other standard operating procedures.  Deans and vice presidents will be informed of any problems or inconsistencies discovered during the audit procedure.  Problems uncovered during the audits will be resolved through additional training programs or other remedies deemed appropriate by the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.

6.0  Revocation of Subdelegation for Specific Units

6.1         Subdelegation of authority for approval of personnel actions as provided for under the terms of this University Policy may be revoked by the Provost for a specific unit or units without reissuance of a new University Policy.

7.0  Duration

7.1         This University Policy is revocable by the president at any time and without notice.

7.2         This University Policy supersedes University Policy 01-02, First Release

8.0  Effective Date

8.1         This university policy is effective upon issuance.


Signed by President Irvin D. Reid October 19, 2007.