01-3 Part-Time Faculty and Instructional Assistants

1.0  Purpose

1.1         It is the purpose of this University Policy to specify the terms and conditions for the appointment of part-time faculty and instructional assistants.

2.0  Definitions

2.1         Part-time faculty is a classification encompassing persons appointed with salary for an assignment of less than 0.5 time for the principal purpose of teaching, scholarship, or service. An assignment of less than 0.5 is defined for this purpose as an instructional assignment of eight (8) or fewer course credit hours as the instructor of record or an assignment in research or teaching that is equivalent.

2.2         For purposes of this policy, part-time faculty does not include the classification of regular faculty holding additional (overload or summer) assignments or voluntary faculty. The classification of voluntary faculty is separately provided for in Executive Order 88-4.

2.3         Part-time faculty shall normally be appointed to the rank of “part-time faculty”; and their letter of appointment as provided in section 3.3, as well as their classification by Human Resources and Payroll, shall be “part-time faculty.”

3.0  Method of Appointment of Part-Time Faculty and Instructional Assistants

3.1         The appointment of part-time faculty and instructional assistants may be delegated pursuant to University Policy 01-2.

3.2         Applicant pool. Part-time faculty and instructional assistants are appointed on a need basis, and are to be selected from a pool of qualified applicants maintained by each school/college/division or department as applicable. Each school/college or department utilizing part-time faculty and/or instructional assistants shall maintain a roster of qualified candidates, reconstituted at least once annually with such items as current résumés, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and teaching or professional evaluations.

3.3         Advertising. Departments utilizing part-time faculty and/or instructional assistants shall provide notice to the community of possible opportunities at least once yearly by internal, local, and regional advertising routed through and released by Employment Services. Such advertising shall include written contact with regional professional organizations and notices in publications of special interest to minority persons and women.

3.4         Part-time faculty and instructional assistants shall be issued an appointment letter by the appointing authority that shall spell out the terms of appointment and their responsibilities. If no term of appointment is specified in the letter of appointment, the duration of appointment shall be one semester.

4.0  Limitations on Appointment of Part-Time Faculty and Instructional Assistants

4.1         Part-time faculty and instructional assistants shall normally hold a term of appointment of one semester. Longer terms of appointment, not to exceed one three-semester academic year, may be made at the discretion of the dean.

4.2         Persons holding an appointment as graduate teaching assistant, graduate research assistant, Rumble Fellow, or graduate fellow shall not also be appointed as part-time faculty or instructional assistant except with the approval of the dean of the Graduate School. The dean of the Graduate School shall consider whether appointment as part-time faculty or instructional assistant will have an adverse effect on a student’s academic performance or an adverse effect on progress toward his/her degree in making an exception to the prohibition set forth in this section.

4.3         No person shall be appointed as part-time faculty or instructional assistant for more than 0.5 time. This shall be defined as no more than eight (8) course credit hours as instructor of record or equivalent assignments for research or service.

4.4         Exceptions to the definition of work assignments described in section 4.3 may be made for persons appointed as part-time faculty in the Department of Music in the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts who are teaching applied music lessons, working with ensembles and/or performing jury service (i.e., the judging of musical competitions). Part-time faculty in this category are also limited to no more than a 0.49 time appointment, but because compensation for these services is computed on an hourly basis, each compensated hour equals 0.02 of a regular assignment. The maximum appointment for part-time faculty under this section is therefore limited to twenty-four (24) compensated hours per week. The assignments covered by this section are limited to individual or group lessons, working with ensembles, and/or jury assignments.

4.5         Except as provided in sections 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, and 4.4, conditions of appointment shall otherwise be consistent with Executive Order 88-4, section 2.3.

5.0  Compensation and Privileges

5.1         Part-time faculty shall be appointed to a step on an established salary schedule issued periodically by the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs after consultation with the President. Part-time faculty whose assignments are research or service shall be assigned to the salary schedule and be paid the amount in the salary schedule that represents the compensation for the fraction of full-time equivalent appointment that is defined in their letter of appointment.

5.2         In cases where a part-time faculty member in the Department of Music teaches applied music lessons, works with ensembles or has a jury assignment, as described in section 4.4, and also teaches a course, the aggregate teaching load of courses and applied music lessons shall not exceed a 0.49 time appointment per semester.

5.3         The appointing school/college or equivalent unit shall provide each part-time faculty with a parking card, paid for by the unit, that includes parking for a number of days that approximates the number of days of classroom teaching, examination administration, and any other mandatory duties that correspond to the responsibilities set forth in the letter of appointment. This provision does not apply to part-time faculty members whose sole duties and responsibilities are fulfilled at University extension centers or other off-campus locations.

5.4         Each part-time faculty may apply to the One Card Office for a faculty identification card. The identification card shall conform to the policies of the University Libraries, so that the part-time faculty member will have privileges for the duration of his/her appointment.

5.5         Persons holding the rank of part-time faculty shall be entitled to use the title “part-time faculty/instructor, (as defined in his/her letter of appointment) of (college or department in which appointment is held)” on business cards, stationery, professional papers, grant proposals submitted through Wayne State University, and other documents relating to teaching, scholarship, or service at Wayne State University or for purposes of identification. However, persons holding part-time faculty rank shall not use their University title for the purpose of seeking professional clients or business, promoting professional or business services, or otherwise advancing their personal financial interests or the financial interests of entities with which they are associated. Persons holding the rank of part-time faculty shall not use their title to directly or indirectly hold themselves out as representing the University in personal, business, political or other matters of any kind, except as authorized in this section.

6.0  Duration

6.1         This University Policy is revocable by the President at any time and without notice.

7.0  Effective Date

7.1         This University Policy is effective upon issuance.

7.2         Executive Order 95-1 is hereby revoked.



Signed by President Irvin D. Reid April 10, 2001.