02-6 Re-Employment Of Persons Considered For And Denied Tenure or Employment Security Status (Second Release)

1.0 Policy

1.1  Following the expiration of his/her last term contract, no person whose formal application for tenure or, as to academic staff, application for tenure or Employment Security Status, has been considered by faculty committees and/or academic administrators, and who has failed to receive tenure or Employment Security Status, shall be re-employed in the University in any academic classification except as provided below.

2.0 Exceptions

2.1  This policy does not prohibit the appointment of such persons to voluntary faculty positions.

2.2  Exceptions may be made by the Provost to allow faculty members to continue to be employed in externally funded research and service activities in which they were engaged at the time they were considered and rejected for tenure. Such persons may, after passing the deadline for non re-employment under this policy, be employed under this exception only if their compensation is derived completely from external funding sources. Persons employed under this exception shall not be further re-employed beyond the expiration of the specific grant or contract on which they were working at the time of their consideration and rejection for tenure. Similarly, persons may be employed under this exception for the duration of a grant that was under review by an external agency or foundation at the time of their consideration and rejection for tenure, provided that the grant was funded before their final contract expires, compensation will be derived completely from external funding, and permission for this exception has been granted by the Provost following notification of the funding of the grant.

2.3  An exception may be made by the provost to this policy to allow employment, on term contract, of a person for summer session teaching in the summer immediately following the expiration of his/her final year of service. This exception is intended to assist such persons in their transition to other academic employment in the next year, and to support the summer teaching programs of academic units, as may be necessary. Such exceptions are subject to prior approval by the provost.

3.0 Duration

3.1  This University Policy is revocable by the president at any time and without notice.

3.2  This University Policy supersedes University Policy 2002-06, First Release.

4.0 Effective Date

4.1   This Executive Order is effective upon issuance.

Signed by President M. Roy Wilson  February 28, 2018