10.8 Kiosks and Bulletin Board Posting


The university provides both open and enclosed bulletin boards in public areas of selected academic buildings on main campus. The purpose of enclosed bulletin boards is to provide university organizations the opportunity to post information related to university functions and events in controlled posting locations.

The Student Center Service Center (room 211, Student Center) staff is responsible for distribution and removal of publicity materials from the enclosed bulletin boards. Materials received are posted on the next scheduled posting day, according to space availability. Materials are not held for future postings. Posting days are scheduled approximately twice a week during the school year, or once a week during summer session and semester recess. Publicity materials are posted for a maximum period of two weeks. Additional posting time must be requested from the Service Center, and is granted according to space availability. Each event is allotted only one 8 1/2 x 11 inch flyer per showcase at a time. Exceptions are made if space is available.

It is illegal to advertise events such as raffles, contests, casino nights, drawings, etc., without the proper state license.


Open Posting Area

Posting areas which are not enclosed in glass, generally found in classrooms, the Student Center, Manoogian and State Hall.

NOTE: Open posting areas are not subject to the same restrictions as Official Posting areas. Notices of a personal nature and advertisements may be posted in Open Posting areas.

Official Posting Area

Posting areas enclosed in glass which are located throughout campus buildings, controlled by the Student Center.

NOTE: All posting areas controlled by the Student Center are identified as such. Schools, colleges, departments, or buildings may have enclosed posting areas, which fall under the jurisdiction of those areas. Contact the appropriate person in those units regarding use of those posting areas.


Information areas enclosed in glass, located on Gullen Mall and in front of DeRoy Apartments on Williams Mall. The director of McGregor Memorial Conference Center is responsible for distribution and removal of publicity materials from both kiosks on Gullen Mall. The director of Housing is responsible for distribution and removal of publicity materials from the kiosk near DeRoy Apartments.


Materials posted in Official Posting areas become property of Wayne State University, are discarded after posting expiration, and must meet the following requirements:

  1. Publicity materials must read, "Sponsored by ... (the organization's name.)
  2. Publicity materials must include address or phone number for future contact.
  3. Publicity for events funded by the Student Council must read, "Funded by WSU Student Council."
  4. Size limit is 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Odd sizes are posted according to space availability.
  5. If alcohol will be served at the publicized event, the material must read, "In accordance with state law, no one under the age of 21 will be sold or served alcoholic beverages." (See APPM section, Purchase of Alcoholic Beverages.)

The university prohibits posting of publicity materials on walls, doors, and windows, and University custodians are required to immediately remove all illegally posted materials.

Material posted in kiosks become property of and are discarded after posting expiration Publicity materials must be university-sponsored. Postings affixed to the outside of kiosks are discarded.





Organization/ Department

  1. Obtain Flyer Posting Service Request, form 749, from Student Service Center.

  2. Complete form 749.

  3. Forward form 749 and publicity materials to Student Service Center.

Student Center

  1. Review form 749 and publicity materials.

  2. Post new publicity materials.





  1. Forward publicity materials to department responsible for kiosk (Housing Office or McGregor Memorial Conference Center).

Housing Office/McGregor

  1. Review publicity materials.

  2. Post new publicity materials in kiosks.