6.5 Tagging Guideline for Capitalized and Sponsor Owned Equipment


All capitalized, Sponsor-owned and equipment required to be tagged based on award provisions are assigned a permanent tag number by PMO.  The tag numbers are affixed to the equipment by the PMO staff in a visible and consistent location.  An appointment with the department to affix the tag must be scheduled within 5 days of assigning tag number.  If the tag cannot be affixed to the equipment, the tag should be returned to the PMO with a detailed explanation.  PMO will maintain a detailed master list of those tag numbers not affixed.  The list will contain the tag number, asset description, location, responsible department and reason for not affixing tag.  The returned tag will be affixed to the Departmental Asset Activity Transmittal form (at the top) and filed in a secure location in PMO.  Equipment titled to the government will be tagged with an additional label identifying it as "U.S. Government Property".   PMO must be notified immediately if a tag is accidentally or mistakenly becomes obliterated, defaced or removed so the equipment can be retagged.