00-3 Smoke-Free Campus Policy (Second Release)

1.0  Purpose

1.1     The purpose of this university policy is to outline the details and define the process for implementation of a smoke-free campus policy.

1.2     The University recognizes the right that individuals have to choose whether they will smoke. However, for the health and well-being of all Wayne State University students, faculty, staff, other employees, and visitors, this university policy has been adopted.

1.3     Due to normal air circulation and the limitations of mechanical and air handling equipment, it is impossible for faculty, staff and students to avoid involuntary exposure to environmental tobacco smoke if persons are permitted to smoke in university buildings.

2.0  Definitions

2.1     “Smoking” or “smoke” means the carrying by a person of a lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe, or other lighted smoking device.

3.0  Policy

3.1     No smoking is permitted in any building, space within a building, or structure owned, leased, rented or operated by the university except for individual units in university housing facilities.  The policy also applies to all Matthaei Physical Education Center facilities, both indoors and outdoors.  

3.2     No smoking is permitted in any vehicle owned, leased, rented or operated by the university.

3.3      No smoking is permitted within twenty-five feet of any building entrance or exit.

3.4     The sale or distribution of tobacco products in facilities owned or leased by the university or on university property is hereby prohibited.

4.0  Implementation

4.1     The university’s expectation is that all students, faculty, staff, other employees, and visitors will respect the health of all persons by voluntarily complying with this policy.  

4.2     Two types of signs are to be provided in order to assure compliance with the policy.  “Smoking is prohibited” and “NO SMOKING – Please extinguish all smoking materials” will, to the extent feasible, be posted at each entrance of each university building and structure and placed throughout buildings to ensure that occupants and users are aware of the policy requirements.

4.3     Facilities Planning and Management is responsible for working with each Building Coordinator to post adequate signage in all buildings that will request compliance with this policy.  Signs will be made available by Facilities Planning and Management.

5.0  Compliance and Enforcement

5.1     Nothing in these procedures is intended to prohibit or discourage enforcement of this policy by the university or to discourage individuals from seeking university enforcement of this policy.  However, persons who have reason to believe their rights are being violated are encouraged to seek informal remedies wherever possible.  The first remedy should be to request the smoker to refrain from smoking in any prohibited location.

5.2     In classroom facilities, it is appropriate to seek relief from the instructor.  If satisfaction is not obtained, relief should be sought from the department chair, dean, or other academic administrator of the unit that sponsors the course.  In the alternative, students may call the office of the Ombudsperson.

5.3     In work sites, relief should be sought from the immediate supervisor or his/her supervisor.  An alternative relief process is for employees to call Human Resources.

5.4     In general purpose areas, relief should be sought from the person most immediately responsible for supervising the area.

5.5     Students who violate this policy will be subject to the Student Due Process, as well as warnings and ticketing by Public Safety.

5.6     Employees who violate this policy will be subject to the appropriate disciplinary process, as well as warnings and ticketing by Public Safety.

5.7     The University may provide or make available smoking cessation programs for both students and employees to assist those who choose to quit smoking.

6.0  Duration

6.1     This University Policy may be amended or revoked by the president at any time with or without notice.

6.2     This University Policy supersedes University Policy 00-3, First Release.

7.0  Revocation and Effective Date

7.1     This university policy is effective upon issuance.



Signed by President Jay Noren October  2, 2008.