99-5 Position Posting (Third Release)

1.0  Purpose

1.1     In order to draw the best talent available to the University, and to aid compliance with the University's affirmative action responsibilities, this University Policy establishes a University policy that requires the posting of all position openings except those defined herein.

2.0  Definitions

2.1     Posting is defined as distributing official electronic announcements of position openings to the University community through the online hiring system.

2.2      Full-time positions are those that are 100 percent time. 

2.3      Fractional-time positions are positions less than full-time.

2.4     Part-time positions are fractional-time positions less than 50 percent time and are not eligible for benefits.

3.0  Applicability

3.1     Positions covered by this University Policy include full-time and fractional-time nonacademic positions; full-time and fractional-time academic administrative positions; and full-time and fractional-time faculty and academic staff. 

3.2     Positions not covered by this University Policy include confidential assistants, non-academic full-time and fractional-time acing and interim positions, non-academic part-time positions, and nonacademic temporary assignments.  The utilization of confidential assistants is limited to the president, provost, and vice presidents. 

3.3     Part-time faculty and instructional assistant positions require posting under the provisions of University Policy 01-3.. 

3.4     This University Policy does not apply to student assistants, work-study students, graduate teaching assistants, graduate staff assistants, graduate research assistants, or post-doctoral fellows.  These positions are covered by separate personnel policies. 

3.5     This University Policy does not apply to research assistants, research associates, or research scientists who have been employed by a principal investigator for a minimum of six consecutive months of the most recent twelve months, and who have been disengaged from the University for not more than three consecutive months.  These persons shall be eligible for re-hiring by the same investigator, subject to subsidy appointment, without posting.

3.6     Posting shall not be required for a position for which no budgeted vacancy exists and which must be filled from within a unit.

3.7     When a collective bargaining agreement grants absolute authority to promote or transfer a current employee into a vacancy the position need not be posted.

4.0  Policy

4.1     All positions covered by this University Policy shall be posted.

4.2     Postings shall be consistent in content and format.  The Provost or the Associate Vice President for Human Resources or their designee(s) shall be responsible for establishing the posting format.

4.3     Each position opening shall be posted for at least five working days unless otherwise specified by a collective bargaining agreement.

4.4     All postings may be advertised outside the University as needed.

5.0  Exceptions and Duration

5.1     The President or designee is authorized to grant exceptions to this University Policy.

5.2     This University Policy is revocable at any time at the discretion of the president and without notice.

5.3     This University Policy supersedes University Policy 1999-05, Second Release.

6.0  Effective Date

6.1     This University Policy is effective upon issuance.


Signed by President M. Roy Wilson, February 28, 2018