10.11.3 Commissioning of Artwork (Revised as of 2/26/14)


The commissioning of any artwork for Wayne State University should be conducted in such a manner that the results will comply with the UAC’s Collection Development Policy. In each instance, the commissioning process should have the approval of the University Art Collection Committee.



Department desiring commissioned artwork

  1. Contact Curator/Coordinator of the UAC and provide information on the proposed commission.

UAC Committee

  1. Provide advice and direction regarding the commission.


  1. Notify department whether or not commission is approved.

  2. Work with department to make sure commissioned artwork complies with the UAC's Collection Development Policy.

  3. Work with department to make sure commission follows university safety guidelines.

  4. Catalogue artwork into art collection database.

Property Office

  1. Provide Curator/Coordinator with Wayne State University property tags for all artwork valued over $5,000.00.

Office of Risk Management

  1. Confirm receipt of accessioned artwork.  Record data onto Fine Arts Insurance Schedule.