10.11.5 Internal Loans Of Artwork (Revised as of 2/26/14)


Artwork from the UAC may be loaned to various departments of the university. Any department requesting artwork from the UAC will be required to underwrite the costs incurred during the preparation and installation. Should the department require the return of the artwork for any reason, it will underwrite the costs associated with the return. The department is financially responsible for loss or damage (requiring conservation, cleaning, rematting, reframing etc.) to artwork while in its care.
An annual expense fee will be charged to the department entering into the loan agreement. The UAC reserves the right to remove artwork on loan from any area at any time, with or without notice.





  1. Contact the Curator/Coordinator of the UAC. Requests for artwork should be made at least three months in advance.


  1. Set up a meeting with department requesting artwork. Artwork choices, security concerns, specific placement, and financial considerations will be discussed at this meeting.  Though input from department representatives is considered, the selection and placement of artwork is the sole decision of the Curator/Coordinator of the UAC.


  1. Determine department representative who serves as the contact  person and on-site overseer of the artwork on loan. Representative will be responsible for monitoring the condition of artwork and reporting any problems or insurance-related loss or damage (fire, vandalism, theft etc.) of artwork lent to their area. This information will be reported to the Curator/Coordinator, Risk Management, and to Wayne State University Public Safety.


  1. Prepare a Loan Agreement listing the artwork, including a detailed condition report, its exact location and the annual fee.

  2. Prepare IRB for any annual expense fee billing. Send to department entering into loan agreement.

Curator/Coordinator And Department Representative

  1. Sign and date the Loan Agreement.  Each party will keep a copy of the Loan Agreement on file.


  1. Complete an IRB and return it to the Curator/Coordinator within 30 days of receipt.


  1. Send completed IRB to the Disbursement Office.

  2. Keep records of all loans on file.

  3. Arrange for the installation of artwork. Artwork will not be installed in any manner which interferes with fire safety (blocking exits, exit signage, fire extinguishers, etc.). Artwork will be installed using security hangers whenever and wherever possible. Artwork will not be displayed in areas where safety or security risks exists.

  4. Send list of lent artwork, along with its exact location, condition, and insurance value to the Office of Risk Management.

Office of Risk Management

  1. Confirm receipt of data. Update Fine Arts Insurance Schedule to reflect "new" location of artwork.


  1. Upon installation, examine all artwork with UAC  Curator/Coordinator, review and initial the condition report.

  2. Must make artwork available for viewing - with reasonable advance notice - by Wayne State University faculty and students.

  3. No artwork may be removed, moved or rehung without prior consultation with the UAC Curator/Coordinator.   If  department is planning any physical renovations which may affect a loaned artwork (i.e. painting, construction, etc.) the department must consult the Art Collection Curator/Coordinator with 2 weeks advance to arrange for the relocation and/or storage of the object during the renovations.