10.11.6 Return of Internal Loans of Artwork (Revised as of 2/26/14)


The purpose of this policy section is to outline procedures for returning of internal loans of artwork.





  1. Department representative notifies the UAC Curator/Coordinator of their intention to return artwork.  Notification of the return of artwork should be made at least 1 month in advance.


  1. Discusses with Department representative the details of the de-installation, including schedule, method of return and costs.

  2. Revise Loan Agreement to denote return of artwork.

Curator/Coordinator and Department Representative

  1. Prior to deinstallation, examine all artwork and review condition reports written and initialed.

  2. Sign and date revised Loan Agreement.  Each party will keep a copy of the revised Loan Agreement on file.


  1. Arrange for the de-installation and return of the artwork.

  2. Keep record of all returns on file.

  3. Send list of returned artwork to the Office of Risk Management.

Office of Risk Management

  1. Confirm receipt of date. Update Fine Arts Insurance Schedule to reflect "new" location of artwork.