10.11.7 External Loans of Artwork (Revised as of 2/26/14)


Requests from other public institutions or professional art galleries for the loan of artwork for exhibition purposes may be considered by the University Art Collection Committee upon recommendation of the Curator/Coordinator. Wayne State University will not loan artwork to businesses or private individuals.

Loans will be approved based on the following criteria:

  1. The nature of the request, i.e. for how long and for what purpose.

  2. The condition of the artwork being considered for loan.

  3. The monetary value of the artwork being considered for loan.

  4. The facilities/security report and proof of insurance coverage of the borrower.




Potential borrower

  1. Contact the UAC Curator/Coordinator with the initial request for loan.

  2. Provide proof of adequate handling, insurance, and storage. A Facilities Report must be submitted to the Curator/Coordinator and/or Office of Risk Management before the request can be approved.


  1. Review request to determine viability of loan. Loans will not be considered unless an adequate advance request is received, allowing for preparation of the artwork for travel and paperwork.

  2. Recommend loan to University Art Collection Committee.

UAC Committee

  1. Give final approval of loan.


  1. Inform borrower of loan approval.

  2. Request from the borrower a certificate of insurance which names the Board of Governors, Wayne State University as additional insured with a copy of the certificate of insurance to the Office of Risk Management, who is the certificate holder.

  3. Prior to shipping, examine all artwork and create a condition report.  Send condition report to Borrower with the artwork.


  1. Pay all costs directly associated with the loan including insurance, transportation, crating, and any special preparations required by the UAC staff, including accompaniment by a member of the UAC staff when necessary.

  2. Pay for courier service if artwork must be accompanied by a representative from Wayne State University. For courier accompanied shipments, the round-trip airfare plus a preestablished per diem is required. Hand carried artwork will travel first-class with its courier when necessary. Additional travel time may be necessary for unusual or complicated travel assignments. The UAC will bill the borrowing institutions in advance for air travel and per diem. Further requirements for courier accompanied shipments will be communicated by UAC Curator/Coordinator.

  3. Provide paperwork regarding the loan (request of loan, proof of insurance coverage, etc.) to the Curator/Coordinator.

  4. Examine all artwork upon arrival, review and initial condition report, return one copy to Curator/Coordinator.


  1. Forward copies of paperwork to Office of Risk Management.

Office of Risk Management

  1. Confirm receipt of certificate of insurance from Borrower. Review and authenticate certificate of insurance with borrower's agent and/or insurance company.


  1. Maintain constant and adequate protection against fire, insects, dirt, theft, environmental damage and mishandling by unauthorized or inexperienced personnel or by the

  2. Note any loss or damage to the lent artwork, and immediately inform the UAC Curator/Coordinator.

  3. Artwork should not be conserved, unframed, re-framed, or removed from mats or mounts for any purpose whatsoever, without the permission of the UAC Curator/Coordinator. If,
    as a condition of the loan, the borrower is providing services approved by the UAC Curator/Coordinator such as conservation, matting, mounting or framing the artwork shall be returned to Wayne State University with these alterations at no charge to Wayne State University. If special care is necessary for the artwork, instructions will accompany the shipment.

  4. Agree that any photography of artwork on loan from Wayne State University is limited to the use in the catalogue and publicity directly connected with the exhibition. All other requests for photographs should be directed to the Curator/Coordinator.

  5. Send copy of the exhibition catalogues and other publicity relating to the exhibition to the Wayne State University Curator/Coordinator’s Office. Wayne State University is to be given credit for ownership of the artwork while it is on loan.


  1. Notify Office of Risk Management of the loan.

  2. Notify Office of Risk Management when artwork is returned to Wayne State University.