10.2.3 Risk Management Administration


The Office of Risk Management is the university's liaison with its agents and/or insurance companies. As such, ORM has the responsibility for requesting coverage, information and providing notification of changes in exposure.




Requesting Department

  1. Request certificate(s) evidencing the university's insurance from ORM.

  2. Indicate if the certificate is to be sent to the requesting entity or to the university department.

  3. Issue certificate request to ORM to allow at least 10 work days after receipt of request to acquire a certificate by required insurance effective date

  4. 4. Advise if period of time evidence of insurance is necessary, or ifntinuous certificates must be provided.


  1. Request certificate of insurance from the agent of record.

  2. Upon receipt, forward original certificate as instructed by the requesting department:

  • Forward original to entity and one copy of the certificate to the requesting department or;
  • Forward original to requesting department.

Requesting Department

  1. Requests for insurance coverage for short term art exhibits should be sent to ORM at least ten (10) work days prior to the show with the following information:

    1. Name of show.

    2. Date(s).

    3. Location.

    4. Person(s) submitting list.

    5. Name of artist.

    6. Medium.

    7. Value.

    8. Price-on-Request (POR) or Not-for-Sale (NFS).


  1. Confirm receipt of request and advise the agent of record.