10.2.6 Self-Insurance Off Campus Computer Equipment


The University's Risk Management Program does not cover university computer equipment off campus. Any department that may have an occasion to have university computer equipment off campus, (for example), an employee working from home during a leave, or illness, etc., can participate in a shared cost program for this coverage.




Department Requesting Coverage

  1. Contact ORM to obtain the current cost and deductible applicable to the program.

  2. Prepare an Internal Requisition and Inter- Account Bill, form 108A (see APPM section 1.4), and provide the following information:

    1. a. Complete description of the equipment (year, make, model, serial number).

    2. b. Permanent location when not off campus.

  3. Emboss account to be charged and determine that funds are available.

  4. Forward to ORM.


  1. Record equipment and forward IRB to Accounting.