6.0.1 Equipment Control Policies

  1. Equipment may not be used for personal, for-profit activities or illegal purposes.

  2. Equipment can be located off-campus if it supports the university's mission.

  3. Requisitions initiated for the purchase of capitalized and non-capitalized equipment must follow and comply with all applicable university policies and procedures.

  4. Equipment acquisitions meeting the university capitalization threshold must have WSU equipment tags affixed.

  5. All donated equipment is processed through the Division of Development and Alumni Affairs.

  6. Equipment acquisitions funded with Sponsored funds must be permissible and allowable under the terms of the award document.

  7. Pre-acquisition screenings must be conducted on equipment purchased with Federal funds where the expected cost is greater than $25,000.

  8. Consultation with vendors and the university's Export Control Office are required when an equipment acquisition may be subject to federal export control regulations.

  9. Equipment acquired with Federal funds or Government-owned equipment, is subject to the requirements and procedures outlined in Section 6.7

  10. All equipment must be sold or disposed of only by Property Management Office (PMO).  Individual university departments and units are not authorized to sell capital assets directly, in any circumstance.

  11. Transfer  of university equipment  by any means to any external party or institution requires prior approval of a Dean, VP or his/her designee and the Vice President of Finance and Business Operations or his/her designee.  (refer to Section 6.4.2)

  12. Sale of surplus property can only be authorized as outlined in the signatory provisions of University Policy 04-6.

  13. Appropriate approvals are required prior to transferring equipment to WSU.  (Refer to section 6.1)

  14. When transferring equipment to another institution, Sponsor approval is required if equipment title is not vested with WSU.

  15. Sale or disposal of University equipment is administered centrally by Fiscal Operations PMO.  (refer to Section 6.3)

  16. Department and PI are responsible for safeguarding equipment against theft, abuse, movement, disposal, unauthorized use, and maintenance.  PMO must be notified timely when a change in status occurs.

  17. Departments are responsible and accountable for university equipment located off-campus.

  18. Units should maintain adequate inventory records to account for and safeguard all significant non-capitalized equipment items with substantial value (i.e. computers, peripherals and similar type office equipment).

  19. University units must notify the PMO immediately if a property tag becomes unreadable, obliterated, defaced, or removed.

  20. In case of theft, units must immediately report the incident and file a theft report with Public Safety and notify PMO.   In case of loss or damage, units must report the loss to Risk Management and notify PMO.

  21. A Biennial capital asset physical inventory is required by Federal Regulation.  Participation by university units is mandatory.