2.5 Tuition Assistance

Revised 4-23-99

The University's Tuition Assistance Program for full time employees provides for free tuition for two courses or six credit hours, whichever is greater, per term for two terms, and one course or four credit hours, whichever is greater, for one term, during a twelve month period beginning with the Fall Term. Dissertation and thesis course credit are limited to six hours for each of two terms and four hours for one term during the year. Fractional-time employees may take one course or four credit hours per term for three terms during the academic year. Employees must be on the payroll as of the last day of Final Registration to be eligible for tuition assistance for that term.

In order to ensure that a staff member participating in the Tuition Assistance Program is not assessed late fees, application should be filed with the Benefits Administration Department no later than three weeks prior to the start of classes.  In addition, in some cases, specific approval for Tuition Assistance from the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance is required. The Benefits Administration Department will coordinate the approval process. Individuals should not seek such approval on their own.

Forms must be submitted by the end of the term for which assistance is requested. Employees who do not remain employees of the University for the full term or who do not successfully complete the course forfeit assistance for that term.

Staff members may elect to take non-credit courses offered by the University under the Tuition Assistance Program provided such course work is approved as "job-related" by the Training and Development Department. These courses are counted toward the Tuition Assistance course limits as outlined above. Each non-credit course counts as a single course regardless of its actual length.

In cases where no specific cost per credit hour exists (e.g., the School of Medicine), tuition reimbursement will be computed on the basis of the maximum tuition allowed for graduate courses.

Course work under the University's Tuition Assistance Program is to be taken outside of the participating staff member's regular working hours unless all of the following conditions are met: (1) a class is only offered during regular working hours, (2) the appropriate unit administrator is able to arrange adequate coverage to ensure proper and timely completion of position duties, and (3) time off is charged to vacation leave or additional hours are worked to make up for the absence.

Staff members holding academic rank are not eligible for admittance to a degree granting program without prior permission from the Provost.

Employees will be assessed any applicable taxes for tuition assistance benefits for graduate/professional classes for themselves or their dependents.

Detailed information concerning the Tuition Assistance Program for credit course work is available from the Benefits Administration Department. Information concerning Tuition Assistance for non-credit classes is available from the Training and Development Department.