2.6 Tuition Reductions


Dependent children less than twenty-six years of age and spouses of active full time employees are permitted to enroll in Wayne State University graduate and undergraduate courses (except for Law School and School of Medicine)at a cost of 50% of applicable graduate or undergraduate tuition rate per credit hour. Spouses and/or dependent children are encouraged to apply for appropriate scholarships and/or fellowships, the funding of which will reduce the amount of University assistance. Spouses and dependent children are responsible for the registration and other applicable fees. Information concerning Tuition Reduction is available from the Benefits Administration Office.

The following example illustrates how the Tuition Reduction program and scholarships work together:

Twelve freshman/sophomore

credit hours

Scholarship Award



$921.00 ($76.75 x 12)*



Tuition Reduction Factor 



Registration Fee

Amount dependent owes

+ 50.00


*This hourly rate will change over time and is used here only for illustration.