Budget Adjustments and Transfers (General Fund)

Administrative Responsibility:   Assistant Vice President, University Budget


Throughout the fiscal year, an operating unit may find it necessary to reallocate areas of its General Fund budget in order to meet ongoing operational needs. These transfers may be recurring or non-recurring. Each dean or vice president (or designee) should exercise discretion in making such transfers, as they impact available funding for program and operational needs during the fiscal year, and in some cases, future fiscal years.


All Operating Units under General Fund


  1. Non-recurring Transfer - A transfer of spending authority applicable only to the fiscal year in which the transfer is posted. No future year commitments arise from this type of transfer. Also termed as a "temporary" transfer.
  2. Recurring Transfer - A transfer of spending authority on an on-going basis, the transfer is posted and applied to the current fiscal year and all subsequent fiscal years. Also termed as a "permanent" transfer.


A dean or vice president (or designee) may approve transfers across major account codes within the same budgeted fund code. In making that approval, the dean or vice president (or designee) must ensure that all remaining commitments can be met with existing resources and that sufficient funding exists within the account code to make the transfer.

Transfers across fund codes within a school, college or division may be made with the explicit approval of the dean or vice president (or designee). A proper review must be made to ensure that all commitments can be met after the transfer has been made and, that available resources exist within the school, college or division to make the transfer.

Transfers between schools, colleges and divisions may be done in a similar manner as described above, except that the unit initiating the transfer must be the unit requesting a transfer funds out to another unit.  All General Fund budget transfers involving Central Accounts need to be sent to the Office of University Budget for entry. Units should retain sufficient documentation as needed for any transfers initiated during the fiscal year.

Some forms of funding, such as budgeted indirect cost recovery, may have additional stipulations on transfer and use not otherwise applicable to other forms of funding.



  1. Units - Determine which personnel will perform budget transfers; contact OUB to initiate Banner security profile setting changes with C&IT that permits access to General Fund budget transfer functionality within Banner.
  2. OUB - Assign person or persons who will approve budget transfer requests in Banner; work with C&IT to ensure proper access to approval queue.
  3. Units - Complete a budget transfer request either in Banner or manually via a paper journal voucher submission; submit to OUB for approval.
  4. OUB - Review submitted journal vouchers; and approve if transfer meets OUB and university policies and procedures, or disapprove and return to unit for revision.



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Revised Date: 1/16/2019

Reviewed Date: 9/17/2018

To be reviewed, at minimum, every three years and/or revised as needed by:  Assistant Vice President, University Budget, Budget, Planning & Analysis

Next Review Date: 9/1/2021