1.2.4 Position Control

Position Control allows Wayne State University (WSU) to define the institution in terms of positions and then make assignment of employees to these positions. To insure against over-assignment of personnel to general fund positions, controls are provided in terms of dollars to be paid and full-time equivalency (FTE). For other funds and for part- time classifications, special group positions are established without salary rate or FTE controls.

There are two types of positions -- specific and generic (group).


Only one assignment is made to a specific position. Specific positions are defined for all classifications in the general and auxiliary funds.


Positions are established for all part-time faculty, student assistants and technicians. Group positions are also created for all full-time classifications on the grant and designated funds. More than one assignment is permitted to a group position.

For details on the processing of Position Action Requests, 10-1489, refer to APPM section 3.1, Position Posting.

Faculty and Academic Staff Retreat Positions

A specific position exists for each retreat situation. This includes those cases where a person has tenure or retreat rights to a general fund faculty or academic staff position that the individual does not fully occupy. Examples include faculty or academic staff members holding administrative positions, and faculty or academic staff paid fully or partially by grant funds.

Retreat Right Identification

If a tenured faculty or academic staff member moves to a chair, dean or other administrative position, a retreat faculty position is maintained. Typically the status of the position being vacated is changed to retreat (RTRT).  In order to identify the name of the person holding retreat rights, a retreat assignment to the retreat position is created. Retreat positions have a specific position number, but FTE = 0, Budget Value = 0, Salary = 0.

Administrative Attachments

Administrative attachment amounts are identified as separate assignment records with FTE = 0 and attachment amount as the salary. The special assignment and the normal active assignment with the full salary amount are linked to the currently occupied position.

Funding Administrative Assignments for Faculty

It is assumed that the administrative position is fully funded within the base non-academic budget of the unit. There may be special cases in which a director position is to be funded by the faculty position being vacated. In such a case the administrative position is established (as STATUS = TEMP and Perm/Temp Indicator = T).

Only a current year budget transfer is made from 1100 (faculty) object code to 1700 (non-academic) object code. When the faculty member returns to the retreat position, the faculty line is funded and the non-academic budget removed.


University Budget

The Budget Office is responsible for creating and maintaining the overall budget. The budget function defines the positions and maintains the budgeted dollars and FTEs through normal file maintenance.

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Human Resources

 Once the positions are defined, assignment transactions are processed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Human Resources. These two departments monitor and control appointments and assignments for academic and non- academic personnel respectively. These departments also have the ability to reallocate budgets among positions within the same budget unit (boardline) and employee category (object code).