10.2.9 Workers' Compensation Claims Administration


All university employees are covered by the Michigan Workers Disability Compensation Act, which provides for medical and wage loss payments when an injury or illness arises out of, and in the course of, employment.  Failure to follow the procedures outlined below may jeopardize an employee's entitlement to benefits under the law.  The university reserves the right to determine liability for alleged occupational injuries and illnesses.  Liability is determined following completion of a Report of Injury, form 727, an evaluation by the Occupational Health Service Clinic (OHS) at Detroit Receiving Hospital and University Health Center and receipt of any medical reports.

An evaluation by the Occupational Health Service Clinic is required in all instances of occupational injury or illness even if no treatment is necessary.  The Occupational Health Service Clinic is located in Room 4K of the University Health Center at 4201 St. Antoine.





  1. Report the injury/illness to supervisor immediately.

  2. Report to Occupational Health Service Clinic for treatment of non-emergency type injury/illness (no appointment is necessary) during business hours or Detroit Receiving Hospital after hours.

  3. Complete Report of Injury form 727 with supervisor within 24 hours of injury or illness.


  1. For off campus emergency situations, follow the local community emergency procedures (e.g., calling 911, etc)

  2. Contact Public Safety (7-2222) if immediate treatment is necessary or the employee is not ambulatory to receive transportation to the Emergency Room of Detroit Receiving Hospital or nearest hospital emergency entrance.

  3. Assist employee with completion of the Report of Injury and after signing the form, forward in triplicate to the Office of Risk Management.


  1. If emergency treatment is provided at a facility other than, Occupational Health Service Clinic report to OHS for a follow-up evaluation (no appointment is necessary.)

  2. Itemize all bills related to the occupational injury or illness and forward to the Office of Risk Management.

Office of Risk Management

  1. Review Report of Injury and medical documents to determine compensability under Worker's Compensation.