2.3.1 General Purchase Order Process (Revised 01/31/13)

Responsibility Action

Requisitioning Department

  1. Complete an online WayneBuy Purchase Requisition, following the instructions in the WayneBuy Job Aids. (Refer to APPM section 2.2.)


  1. Review and approve or Reject or Return to Requestor the online WayneBuy Purchase Requisition.

  1. Assign the Requisition to a Buyer

  2. Determine if a competitive bid or RFP is appropriate. Complete bid or RFP process.

  3. Approve the Requisition for the systemic issuance Purchase Order. 

Requisitioning Department

  1. Report any discrepancies or changes to the Purchase Order to Procurement & Strategic Sourcing. Refer to APPM section 2.6 for Change Order Request (COR) if required. 

Central Receiving

  1. Receive items listed on purchase order and enter Receiving transaction into WayneBuy (as required).

  2. Deliver goods to department and obtain signature on delivery ticket to acknowledge receipt of goods.

  3. Upload copy of the packing ticket and signature to Xtender under the PO number.

Requisitioning Department

  1. Verify that goods received are the quality and quantity desired.

  2. If goods are delivered directly to the department and are acceptable, immediately record receipt in the WayneBuy system. Job Aids are found on the Procurement website under WayneBuy.

  3. If goods are unacceptable, notify PASS to determine corrective action.  If appropriate, contact Central Receiving to pick up goods for return to the vendor. 

Central Receiving

  1. Pick up goods from Department.

  2. Make arrangements to return the goods to vendor. (See APPM section 8.12, Receiving and Shipping.)