5.1 Space Planning Allocation and Alteration


The responsibility for space planning, allocation and alteration within the university is delegated by the president to the vice president of finance and business operations. All space constructed or acquired by the university is the property of the university; not of the schools, colleges, divisions occupying the space.

The facilities planning and management space planner reviews all matters concerning space planning and allocation and advises the vice president for finance and business operations on these matters.



The volume contained within the envelope of a building.


The assigned custody of space to a specific school, college, division or unit.


The reconfiguration of the current building plan, change in room use, or change in program classification.

Room Use

Categorization of rooms by primary use in accordance with the Higher Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual, (Romney, 1972).


Classroom Facilities

Laboratory Facilities

Non-Class Laboratory Facilities

Office Facilities

Study Facilities

Special Use Facilities

General Use Facilities

Supporting Facilities

Health Care Facilities

Residential Facilities

Unclassified Facilities


The conveyance of the custody of an assigned space within a school, college, division or unit and within the functional use of this space.


Requests concerning space planning, or allocation or reallocation are submitted through the Facilities Planning and Management space planner to the vice president for finance and business operations. Final recommendations on space changes are reported to the president by the vice president of finance and business operations.

Reassignment of the space within a school, college, division or unit and within the assigned functional use of the space, however, is under the authority of the dean, director or unit head.




Schools, Colleges, Divisions and Units

  1. Prepare request on the General Improvements Request Form (GIRF), form 3303.

  2. Acquire appropriate dean or director's signature.

  3. Submit GIRF to Assistant Vice President, Facilities Planning and Management, 5454 Cass.

  4. Identify source of funding or request funding.

Facilities Planning and Management

  1. Review by the Educational Facilities Planner (EFP) and/or an architect/engineer who will visit site and gather information.

  2. Analyze request with regard to feasibility, code compliance, preliminary cost estimates and consistency with long range plans by EFP.

  3. Present findings to the vice president for finance and business operations

Vice President for Finance and Business Operations

  1. Review recommendations.

  2. Approve, disapprove, or return to FPM for further study.

  3. Notify appropriate school, college, division or unit of decision on request.

  4. Approve funding source.

  5. Report to president final recommendations.