8.14 Telephones (REVISED 12/1/14)


The purpose of this policy is to outline the university’s procedures for telephone service requests.


Requests for telephone installations and changes in service are handled by Telephone Service Request (TSR) forms. A complete list of TSR forms is available on the C&IT website at computing.wayne.edu/telephone/.   Usage charges for each extension number are automatically billed to the designated S/C/D index on a monthly basis.

Contact the C&IT Help Desk, 577-4778, for general questions about campus telephone service or to report a problem with existing service.





  1. Complete online Telephone Service Request (TSR), using the appropriate form.
  2. Print the TSR form from the resulting Web page and obtain Dean/Division head signature.
  3. Fax the completed form to C&IT at 313-577-5577.
  4. Retain copy for departmental files.

Computing & Information Technology

  1. Process request.

  2. Retain copy for departmental files.


This policy applies to all WSU employees.