8.6 Vending Food Service


Most students attending Wayne State University commute daily and are thus not present on the campus during meal times. The university provides food, snack and beverages via vending machines located in most WSU buildings. Some larger vending locations are supported by a host person during peak periods. The Student Center Building houses food service facilities of commercial vendors. Hours of operation of these facilities are handled by the Student Center Building.


The university will provide vending food services on campus.





  1. Phone Vending Food Service Manager regarding coin refunds, complaints, requests, and requests for additional equipment.

Vending Food Service Manager

  1. Record requests.

  2. Dispense refunds personally or mail directly to home of requester.

  3. Schedule repairs of machines reported out-of- order.

  4. Ascertain extent of complaints; effect problem resolution.

  5. Evaluate requests for new equipment and secure approval from Business Operations.