8.8 Mail Service (Revised as of 9/1/16)


Mail and Receiving Services handles all inter-departmental (non-electronic) communications, incoming and outgoing U.S. and foreign mail of all classes. Pick-up and delivery are maintained daily to all university buildings except extension centers. Outbound postage charges are recorded daily to those units using the service. All billable departmental outbound mailings must be accompanied by a completed Postage Charge Order, form 1024.Payment for postage charges is by Inter-Account Bill (IRB), form 108-A or directly billed to the fund number provided. All personal outbound mailings must include personal postage. Questions regarding mailings should be directed to the Mail Services Department.


Special U.S. Postal Service mailing permits are available for use by University Departments, subject to approval by Mail and Receiving Services. All outbound mail, requiring postage to be affixed, must be accompanied by a completed Postage Charge Order , authorizing the payment of postage. Only official business correspondence of Wayne State University may be charged to University account. At no time will Mail and Receiving Service staff affix postage for personal correspondence However, Mail and Receiving Services will deliver both personal and university mailings to the post office. And takes no responsibility for the lack of or insufficient postage for personal.




Requesting Department

  1. Prepare mailings for pickup.

    1. Bundle like pieces together.

    2. Keep separate classes of mail in separate stacks.

  2. Complete form Postage Charge Order1024. It should be filled out via the Business Operations website (busops.wayne.edu/mail/postage.php) and then printed to accompany each mailing.
  3. Have Account Administrator sign under "Approved By" box.

  4. Place bundled mail and Postage Charge Order  in outgoing mail location for pick-up.

Mail Service

  1. Pick-up mail bearing Postage Charge Order . Leave non-authorized mail in current location.
  2. Review Postage Charge Order, form 1024,for accuracy and completeness.
  3. Return incomplete or inaccurate forms and return to requesting department for remedial action. A call to the mail sender prior to return may also be performed at this step.
  4. Affix appropriate postage.
  5. Record charges electronically and departmental process charge backs will be made at each month’s end.