3.12 Salary Payment (Revised as of 9/7/16)

The University pays all salaries and wages on a biweekly schedule on alternate Wednesdays.


Unless agreed otherwise at time of employment, the scheduled work week period for University personnel is 37.5 hours, normally consisting of five days, each of seven and one-half hours.

Employees holding non-exempt positions as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act, with the exception of Temporary Employees (formerly refer to as Technicians) and Instructional Assistants, are entitled to overtime pay or compensatory time off for all authorized time worked in excess of seven and one-half hours in any one day, and 37.5 hours in any one work week. Temporary Employees  and Instructional Assistants are entitled to overtime pay, but not compensatory time for all authorized hours worked in the work week that exceed 40.0 hours.

All paid absences are counted toward work day/work week time requirements for the computation of overtime.

Overtime pay earned in a work week is normally compensated in the payroll check immediately following the pay period during which such time was earned. Earned overtime must be approved by the unit administrator. No employee may accumulate more than 37.5 hours of compensatory time, and accumulation of compensatory time must be claimed within 90 calendar days of the period in which it was earned.

All overtime must be approved by the department head prior to the time such hours are worked. Overtime work is to be limited to emergency needs only.

Unit administrators are responsible for controlling hours worked by personnel under their direction and for ensuring such service is accurately reported and formally confirmed by the reporting staff member and appropriate supervisor.