3.15 Workers Compensation

University personnel are covered by the Michigan Workers Compensation Law. Procedures for the reporting of work related injuries and illnesses are designed to safeguard the interests of staff members and the University under provisions of the Law. Failure to follow established University policies and procedures or provisions of the Workers Compensation Law could affect a staff member's right to compensation for lost time and/or for incurred expenses.

In case of an accident a staff member must:

  1. Notify his/her unit administrator immediately.
  2. Report immediately to Employee Health Services if treatment is required.
  3. Arrange with his/her unit administrator for the completion of the Report of Injury (form 10-727) no matter how slight the injury, and refer same to the Office of Risk Management within twenty-four hours of the time the injury was sustained or illness developed.

The Employee Health Services provides emergency treatment to University staff members experiencing an injury or illness relating to the work place.

When it is apparent that a person is injured or ill and any delay in reaching a hospital may cause irreparable damage or endanger life, the unit administrator or an equally responsible person should immediately call the Department of Public Safety so that transportation to Detroit Receiving Hospital can be effected. The Department of Public Safety should immediately inform Detroit Receiving Hospital and the Office of Risk Management of the incident and the action being taken.

Referral of staff members experiencing work related injuries/illness for off campus care is normally arranged by a member of the medical staff at Employee Health Services.

In order to protect his/her interests if medical expenses result or compensation payments are to be provided, an injured/ill staff member should seek treatment within the University system through the Employee Health Services.

Employee Health Services is a department of Detroit Receiving Hospital/University Health Center (DRH/UHC) which provides employment related health services to WSU and Medical Center employees on a contractual basis.