3.4 Conflict of Interest

The University administration has an obligation, in accordance with Board Statutes, to ensure that staff members avoid conflicts of interest and to assure that the activities and interests of its employees do not conflict with their obligations to the institution or its well being.

A conflict of interest arises when a staff member places himself/herself in a position where he/she could use his/her position to create benefits for his/her private interests or to give improper advantage to others. When a staff member has a significant interest in, or a consulting arrangement with, a private business concern, it is important that he/she avoid conflicts of interest. Staff members are encouraged to direct inquiries relative to conflict of interest concerns to their unit director and/or division executive officers.

Specific provisions applicable to conflict of interest conditions are set forth in WSUCA Sections 2.41.03, 2.41.01 (subsections through, and 2.27.01.