8.12 Receiving and Shipping


Central Receiving handles the receipt and delivery of most purchased materials, other distribution functions and all outbound shipping for the university. Deliveries are made to the requisitioner, on the Receiving Report copy of the Purchase Order (PO), form 110A, or on a Receiving Report, form 118, which must be signed by the department receiving the material. There are no charges for this service.

NOTE: If form 118 is not completed and forwarded to Disbursements, and the vendor is paid after notifying the department, any resulting liability to the university is the full responsibility of the requisitioning department.


A completed form 118 must be provided to the Disbursements Department upon receipt of goods or services. For goods shipped to Central Receiving, form 118 is completed by Receiving for the Requisitioner. For shipments directly to a department, the Requisitioner is responsible for the preparation of an accurate form 118.

If a vendor is paid without completion of form 118, a receiving copy of a PO or a receiving copy of a POA and subsequent discrepancies or problems are noted, any resulting liability to the University is the full responsibility of the requisitioning department. This applies if goods are delivered directly to a department rather than through Central Receiving.

The university requires that the receipt of materials and services related to a PO must be consistent with the PO. Additional quantities of items ordered and supplemental items that are not authorized by the PO are returned to the vendor. All receiving locations are required to adhere to this policy.

The Purchasing Department has the authority to authorize additional shipments through the Purchase Order Amendment process. (See 2.6.1 Amendments to Purchase Orders.)

NOTE: This policy does not affect shipments that are not related to POs or do not represent an obligation to the university. Examples are vendor catalogues, personal items, research papers shared between colleagues, and shipments related to a Special Payment Authorization (SPA), form 102.





  1. Verify that goods received are the same as listed on the bill of lading or packing slip and are the same goods as authorized on the related PO, if applicable.

  2. If goods received are unacceptable or not authorized on the related PO,

  3. Contact Purchasing for instructions on returning the rejected items.

  4. Prepare Shipping Order, form 119, for rejected items.

  5. Return rejected items to vendor along with copy of form 119.

  6. Send copy to department and Disbursements/Accounts Payable.

  7. Retain one copy.

  8. If goods are accepted, deliver to department with two receiving copies of the PO, one for Department files and the other for certification of receipt by the Department.

  9. If original copy of PO is unavailable, complete all sections of form 118.

  10. Send certified copy to Accounts Payable.

  11. For partial shipments, retain form 118 and send a photocopy, marked "Partial Shipment" to Accounts Payable.